The Compost Collector™ 1-Month Supply (4 Pack)

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The Compost Collector™ 1-Month Supply (4 Pack)

Regular price $19.99
Sale price $19.99 Regular price
Product Details

The easiest way to collect your kitchen scraps for composting. The sturdy paper pulp vessel holds scraps for up to 7 days. On trash day, simply toss it into the green bin.

  • Each pack comes with a 1-month supply (4 vessels + 4 lids)
  • Designed to be thrown into the curbside green bin and quickly compost in municipal systems
  • Made using only 100% pre-consumer paper pulp
  • Can also be used for at-home composting
  • Dimensions: 7 in (h) x 8 in (w), width includes Lift tabs
  • Capacity: 1.3 gallons
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Get the Most Out of Your Compost

Anything once alive! That’s our term for common organic materials, including food scraps, chicken bones, pet fur, paper towels, etc. Be sure to check your local municipal waste management guidelines to find out which materials are accepted in your specific area.

TCC™ will become moist when you add fleshy materials like soup and tomatoes. That’s ok! Paper pulp is designed to maintain structural integrity if it is not disturbed and left to dry. If your TCC™ is wet, let it dry out for 24 hours. You can transport TCC™ while it is moist. We do not recommend putting liquid like soups or sauces into TCC™.

If you are concerned about moisture, we recommend placing an extra TCC™ lid, plate, or paper towel underneath.

TCC™ is designed as a standalone container, and we do not recommend using it with another counter top container. If you do use TCC™ as a liner inside a stainless steel or plastic container, follow these suggestions:

  • Allow TCC™ to hang from the top of the vessel so that the paper pulp sides do not completely touch the plastic or metal container.
  • Use the lift tabs to pull TCC™ out of the container. When TCC™ is moist, these tabs may cause tearing at the moisture line. Allow TCC™ to dry, then gently pull the lift tabs upward to pull TCC™ out of the container.
  • Due to the immediate composting process initiated from the moment scraps enter the bin, the regenerative process creates an environment where condensation will occur; without airflow, TCC™ will remain moist. Remove TCC™ from the secondary container a day before disposal to allow it to dry out for easy transport.

TCC™ is built to last for 7 days according to the weekly waste collection schedule. If you fill it completely before 7 days, toss it. If it’s not full but the seventh day has arrived, toss it. TCC™ version 2 is going to be larger!