We provide clean & convenient compostable
solutions for a new era of sustainability.

Clean Composting Company produces sustainable paper pulp vessels—The Compost Collector™—designed to streamline and simplify the composting process. The Compost Collector™ sits on your kitchen counter, the starting point for the essential regenerative process of turning "Anything Once Alive" into compost. Together with local waste management curbside composting programs, we are helping to create ‘black gold’ compost, a vital tool in returning nutrients back into the earth. The Compost Collector™ is made from 100% pre-consumer paper pulp for responsible disposal in the municipal or backyard green bin.

Our Story

Why We Exist

One day, when Michelle (our Founder) was taking her compostable bag of kitchen scraps to the green bin, the bag leaked all over the kitchen... again. This messy, smelly experience became the catalyst for Clean Composting Company. Like most of you, Michelle used a standard, countertop compost bin for easy collection when cooking. Compostable plastic bags seemed to be the best option for keeping the bin clean, but these bags leak and break before disposal and during transport. Also, once the bags reach the municipal compost stream, they can take a long time to break down—and soon these bags may be prohibited from the compost stream altogether. Michelle decided that people needed a simple and truly sustainable way to transport and discard food and other compostable scraps.

Who We Are

Based in San Francisco, one of the greenest cities in the U.S., our team believes that composting is one of the most powerful and easiest strategies to curb greenhouse gases. Separating our waste into three bins has been a part of our daily routine, and San Francisco has been a leader in city-wide composting for years. And now that organic waste composting has been mandated throughout California (SB 1383), Clean Composting Company is focused on providing individuals and communities with education and innovative products to meet sustainability goals.

Our Solution

Back in 2017, we had the idea for The Compost Collector™. Then in January 2022, SB 1383 was enacted in California, mandating that all residents, businesses, haulers, solid waste facilities, local food banks, and other food recovery organizations be trained on landfill waste reduction. So we started researching the best materials to meet these requirements. We searched for a dynamic material that was sustainable, compostable, and durable. Pre-consumer paper pulp was the clear winner. It can be molded into virtually any shape, and most important, it quickly decomposes in every municipal composting system.

How to Use

We designed The Compost Collector™ to sit on your kitchen counter. The Compost Collector™ stores food scraps and remains sturdy until trash day. Seal it with the molded pulp lid and toss it in the green bin.

As regular compost pickup becomes the norm across the country with the implementation of curbside composting programs, local municipalities can rely on The Compost Collector™ to encourage composting and keep the stream clean.